Mastering The Art Of Walking Your Dog

Believe it or not, walking your dog is not simply a matter of putting on the leash and heading out the door. Many dog owners do exactly this, of course, but what often results is a dog that does not reach his or her full potential when it comes to training and obedience.

And if you want your dog to lead the fullest, happiest life he or she can, living up to that potential is exactly what you want for them!

But have no fear. With these simple tips, you will soon be a true expert in dog walking, just like a top dog trainer or dog boarding NJ trainer.

  1. Use A Short Leash

You might think a long leach would be preferred, allowing your dog to roam and investigate and take a hand in guiding where they will go, but the opposite is true. A shorter leach will give you greater control over the dog walk – and this is important in ensuring your dog sees you as his or her master. Even more importantly, this allows you to watch for your dog’s safety, keeping them out of places they shouldn’t go, preventing them from dashing into the road, or simply from getting their nose in a sticker bush!

  1. Mount The Leash High

Attaching the leash at the top of your dog’s neck will make it far easier for you to communicate with and guide your dog as you walk them, as well as to correct them when they go astray.

  1. Walk In Front Of Your Dog

Take a look at most people walking their dog and what do you see? The dog leading the way. What those people don’t realize is that that sends the message that the dog is in control of the walk, not the master. By making sure you’re in the lead – first out the door, first in the door – you also send the message that you are the pack leader. Ask any dog boarding NJ expert and they’ll tell you that sending that message is very important if you want an obedient dog!

  1. Make enough time for the walk

If you only have a few moments to dash out and then dash back in, you are probably not setting aside enough time for a good, healthy walk. Depending on your dog, anywhere from thirty minutes to an hour may be ideal. This exercise is an important part of their health! Getting out for a walk is not merely about allowing your dog to relieve him or herself, it’s also about getting outside and getting much needed activity. Those walks can really help make your dog healthy and happy.

  1. Reward Your Dog After The Walk

If your dog was well behaved, a reward may be in order. It is often a good idea to make meal time come right after walk time. This reinforces the idea that your dog has worked for their meal and really earned it, which in turn reinforces the idea that you are the pack leader. If you want an obedient dog, being the pack leader is the most important thing you can do!