Stafford Township Dentists and Your Oral Health

Your mouth is a funny place. Your body is fairly easy to keep clean and healthy when compared to your mouth. As long as you shower daily, eat right and get some exercise, generally speaking your body is going to treat you fairly well. Your mouth is another story. Your mouth is a place that is warm and wet, and that makes it a great place for germs and bacteria to thrive. It’s also filled with tiny little nooks and crannies that create perfect places for oral problems to begin. And finally, it acts as the gateway to your insides.

That’s why taking good care of your mouth requires some work on your part – just as your Ocean County dental office tells you!

And make no mistake, it’s a relatively small effort that you’ll want to make, because your oral health is closely tied to your overall health. Here’s how:

Periodontal Disease – Some recent studies now prove there are links between periodontal disease and other oral afflictions, including cardiovascular disease, diabetes and Alzheimer’s. Stafford Township dentists have found that they can often diagnose those conditions early in part by your oral health.

Good Digestion – Your every bodily function begins and ends with your body’s ability to turn food into energy, and that entire process begins in your mouth.

Heart Disease – It might seem to be counterintuitive that these two things would be linked, but a study from 2008 in the Journal of General Internal Medicine suggested that periodontal disease was a risk factor for heart disease. A few follow-up studies also appear to show that treating periodontal disease can also lower’s a person’s risk for heart disease. (No word if Ocean County Juvederm has any impact on improving this.)

Diabetes – Diabetes shows itself in a number of ways, among them in gum inflammation. This is something your dentist might notice, allowing you to spot early warning signs of the disease.

Preterm Labor – This is another that may surprise you. We now know that pregnancy increases the risk of gum disease and other oral maladies, and further, gum disease increases the risk of low birth weight and preterm labor. So these things are linked!

Pneumonia – Earlier when we said your mouth was a good place for bacteria and germs to gather, we weren’t kidding. Under some conditions, breathing in germs may put you at an increased risk of developing pneumonia thanks to those factors. That’s a good reason to have good oral hygiene!

Osteoporosis – Current studies are still looking into this, but a few researchers believe that suffering from both osteoporosis and periodontal disease could lead to faster bone loss. That’s not really a risk you want to take then, is it?

Arthritis – This link still being studied, but it’s worth noting. A study published in the Journal of Periodontology is one of several trying to establish a connection between these two inflammatory disorders.

With all of the above in mind, it appears that a good idea is to follow the advice of your Ocean County dentist when they tell you to do better at care of your mouth. Wouldn’t you agree?

By now you know what to do: Brush at least twice daily, ever day! Floss daily. Be sure to use mouthwash. Go for regular checkups with your dentist. Avoid food and drinks high in sugar. And so on.

Why? Because these things may seem minor, so small that sometimes you can’t be bothered to follow through, but they can play a role in protecting a much bigger, interconnected system – you body.

The 5 Best Locations for Your Home Security Cameras

It goes without saying that you want to protect yourself and your family from harm. It also goes without saying that you want to protect your hard-earned property from thieves, too. So how do you go about doing it?

With affordable home security cameras. That much is obvious. So now the question is, where do you place them to get the most out of your investment? Here are five key locations you should consider:

1) Front Door

Studies show that an estimated 34 percent of break ins happen right at the front door, so covering this all-important spot is never a bad idea. If possible, place it at the second floor level to prevent thieves from being able to disable the camera. If it’s visible, that’s fine, as it could serve as a deterrent. If you keep it visible, consider protecting it with wire mesh.

2) Back Door

It may be surprising that the back door is less frequently a target for burglary than the front door, but it’s true. The back door ends up being the entry point of a break in 22 percent of the time. That still accounts for a quarter of all break ins, however, which means it’s a good place to cover with a security camera. As always, try to keep your IP cameras NJ out of reach so they can’t be tampered with. Also consider an all weather camera to protect it year round.

3) Off- Street Windows

If you live at street level and have windows that are not on the street – perhaps an alley or back windows – this is a place you may need added protection, especially in a busy urban environment. Off-street windows are locations where burglars feel they can work out of sight and away from prying eyes. It should go without saying, then, that these are areas you’ll want to cover to give yourself added protection from break ins. The same rules for IP cameras NJ outlined above apply.

4) Backyard or Side Gate

Entrances to your back yard or side yard are also entrances to the kind of secure, private locations that criminals love to scope out and use when they are considering which homes to break into. They also love back yards because they may contain expensive items that don’t even require a break in, like high end yard tools, toys, and so on. Consider using a motion-sensitive light here to ward people off. If need be, add IP cameras NJ.

5) Basement Stairs

Here’s another prime spot for break ins and a place where you can be victimized if you’re not careful. The basement is a great way into your house and may itself contain valuables. This is another good area to cover with motion sensitive lighting. One flash of light and most criminals will give up. If they don’t, a little camera coverage here can go a long way.

This Computer And Internet Trivia Will Blow Your Mind

toms river virus removal mind blowingRight now, you’re on the Internet, a vast web of interconnected computers sharing information and data, and allowing billions (yes billions) of people to communicate with one another all across the globe.

It’s an amazing time to be alive.

It’s even more amazing when you take into consideration this mind-blowing computer and Internet trivia:

  • Every month, an insane 6,000 new computer viruses are released out into the wild. Most will be nothing more than pesky problems, but some will cause real damage. That’s why people seek out virus removal in Toms River NJ!
  • The average human being blinks 20 times a minute. That changes when they are in front of a computer, though. Then the blinking rate drops to just 7 times per minute.
  • “Computers,” or devices that output calculations based on user input, are actually quite ancient. The first modern computer, i.e. an electronic computer, was invented in 1939.
  • If you think there are a lot of things that can connect to the Internet, you’re right. As of 2012, a whopping 12 billion devices connected to the Internet. It has only grown since then, with TVs, refrigerators, and more now having Internet connect ability.
  • Of all the billions of web pages out there, you might now be surprised to learn that 1 out of 6 of them are porn related. Be careful, pages like that will lead you to needing a Toms River NJ virus removal service!
  • Websites continue to proliferate like rabbits. Over 1 million new domain names are registered each and every month! One wonders when they’ll run out of names.
  • Boasting an astounding 1.3 billion users – yes, billion with a B – Facebook would actually be the largest country in the world, tied with China and just ahead of India.
  • The video cards that help your favorite video games look great are as complex as your computer itself is. Just one video card can have up to 222 million transistors!
  • Of all the viruses that end up proliferating online, upwards of 20 percent of them are released by organized crime groups. Surprised? The reason is that many of these viruses are intended to hijack your computer so you can be assaulted with advertisements or have your browser redirected to selected sites. In other words, there is a lot of money in making computer viruses! Time to call a virus removal in Toms River NJ guy!
  • There is a lot of money in the world – on paper, at least. It turns out that only 8% of the world’s currency is actual physical money. The rest of it exists only in computers.

And here you thought your home computer was just a box of wires and circuits that helped you to go on Facebook and check on your sister-in-law’s photos. Think again! Your modest little machine is part of an amazing world of technology that has made science fiction a reality!

Mastering The Art Of Walking Your Dog

Believe it or not, walking your dog is not simply a matter of putting on the leash and heading out the door. Many dog owners do exactly this, of course, but what often results is a dog that does not reach his or her full potential when it comes to training and obedience.

And if you want your dog to lead the fullest, happiest life he or she can, living up to that potential is exactly what you want for them!

But have no fear. With these simple tips, you will soon be a true expert in dog walking, just like a top dog trainer or dog boarding NJ trainer.

  1. Use A Short Leash

You might think a long leach would be preferred, allowing your dog to roam and investigate and take a hand in guiding where they will go, but the opposite is true. A shorter leach will give you greater control over the dog walk – and this is important in ensuring your dog sees you as his or her master. Even more importantly, this allows you to watch for your dog’s safety, keeping them out of places they shouldn’t go, preventing them from dashing into the road, or simply from getting their nose in a sticker bush!

  1. Mount The Leash High

Attaching the leash at the top of your dog’s neck will make it far easier for you to communicate with and guide your dog as you walk them, as well as to correct them when they go astray.

  1. Walk In Front Of Your Dog

Take a look at most people walking their dog and what do you see? The dog leading the way. What those people don’t realize is that that sends the message that the dog is in control of the walk, not the master. By making sure you’re in the lead – first out the door, first in the door – you also send the message that you are the pack leader. Ask any dog boarding NJ expert and they’ll tell you that sending that message is very important if you want an obedient dog!

  1. Make enough time for the walk

If you only have a few moments to dash out and then dash back in, you are probably not setting aside enough time for a good, healthy walk. Depending on your dog, anywhere from thirty minutes to an hour may be ideal. This exercise is an important part of their health! Getting out for a walk is not merely about allowing your dog to relieve him or herself, it’s also about getting outside and getting much needed activity. Those walks can really help make your dog healthy and happy.

  1. Reward Your Dog After The Walk

If your dog was well behaved, a reward may be in order. It is often a good idea to make meal time come right after walk time. This reinforces the idea that your dog has worked for their meal and really earned it, which in turn reinforces the idea that you are the pack leader. If you want an obedient dog, being the pack leader is the most important thing you can do!

4 Easy Steps To A Great Beach Vacation In NJ

There are few vacation spots that manage to combine convenience, price and atmosphere as well as New Jersey’s shore communities. They are more easily accessible to the entire northeast than any other coastal region. Jersey Shore towns tend to be far more affordable than other popular coastal retreats. And when it comes to capturing the kind of coastal lifestyle that so many find alluring, few regions have been doing it longer (and better) as the NJ shore communities have.

But how do you find the best ones? How do you settle on a place to stay? How do you make the most out of your hunt for a perfect family vacation, romantic getaway, or weekend away with friends?

It’s easy. And we’re going to show you how.

1) Scope Out Your Destination Towns

There are a lot of great communities along the NJ coast. Selecting which is right for you depends on what you’re looking for. Want a quiet getaway in an historic town? Trying staying in Cape May or Spring Lake, or booking a hotel in Long Beach Island. If you are looking for a family getaway, Wildwood, Ocean City and Point Pleasant are good options. If you want a great nightlife, Seaside Heights, Belmar and Asbury Park are the places to be. Just interested in sunning yourself? Try Lavallette or Long Beach Island.

2) Check For Attractions And Amenities

Before booking your LBI hotel, Seaside Heights condo, or other accommodations, check the maps and tourism guides to see what else is nearby. This will give you a sense for what you might end up doing all week (aside from catching some sun). Some towns boast aquariums. Others rides and attractions. Some are fairly reasonable drives away from theme parks. Others are near historic wine vineyards. Still others have easy access to fantastic nature trails, hiking, and biking. Throw in music venues, clubs, and more, and you can fill your itinerary pretty quickly.

3) Explore Options For Accommodations

If you’re staying at the Jersey shore, good news: you will have a lot of options available to you. There are homes for rent, condos, hotels and motels, roadside inns, bed and breakfasts, and more. You name it, you’ll find it. If booking a hotel in LBI, for example, you’ll find many options available to you. All you need to do is decide what sort of experience you want. Renting a house or bungalow is ideal for families, as you will have a lot of room and will have plenty of distance from your neighbors. A beachfront condo or hotel will give you easy access to the sun and sand. Motels make traveling to area attractions easier. Inns and bed and breakfasts give you a stronger sense of having gotten away and make you feel closer to the place you’re staying. Think about your wants and choose wisely!

4) Take Your Trip!

All that’s left is to hop in the car and go enjoy the sun! So go ahead, book your trip, and enjoy all that vacationing at the shore has to offer.

4 Reasons Why It’s Better To Hire A Landscaper Than To Do It Yourself

We all want to have a beautiful yard. A nicely designed and well maintained yard not only increases the value of your home and makes your neighborhood look better, it also provides you with a great place to entertain guests, a retreat from the daily grind, and some pride in the fact that you’re living a good life.

The problem, of course, is that keeping and maintaining a great looking yard is a lot of work. The truth is, most of us just don’t have the time to do it. We work, we chase around kids, we shuttle family back and forth, and when we finally get some down time we just want to unwind in the backyard with some burgers on the grill and a drink or three in hand.

The obvious solution is to hire a landscaper to handle things for you. Many people balk at the idea, figuring they can do the work themselves without having to spend the money to hire someone. It’s a common sentiment. But the truth is, there are many reasons why hiring a landscaper is a better option than doing all that work yourself. Here are a few of them:

Your Time Remains Your Own – The fact is, keeping your yard maintained and doing your own Toms River lawn care can be a part time job. It’s a lot of labor that can eat up your entire weekend, plus several of your week nights. Do you really want to spend your time trimming this and cutting that and pulling this and plucking that when you can be unwinding instead? That’s the whole point of the weekend!

They Can Recognize Problems Before You Do – A great benefit of having a professional Bayville landscaper tending to your yard is the fact that they can recognize problems long before you will. If your trees are showing signs of fungal infection or an infestation of invasive insects, a professional is going to spot the problem early – and that means you can address the problem before it does too much damage. The same holds true for spotting termite infestations, which can cause thousands of dollars of damage to your property (structural damage, repairs, tree removal, etc.) if not caught early, or for drainage problems, which can grow worse over time if not addressed and which can lead to bad mosquito problems.

They’ll Work Faster Than You Do – You’re just one person. Even if your spouse and/or children help, a big yard project is a BIG yard project. Even routine maintenance such as mowing the lawn, trimming the edges and hedges, and other work can chew up your entire weekend. When you hire professionals, however, they’re coming in with an entire crew, and that crew has experience doing this sort of work. They’re going to get jobs big and small done far faster than you will – and they are likely to do a better job of it, too.

They Have A Good Sense Of Design – You may have a rough idea of the kind of yard you want to have, but how to accomplish such Brick landscaping in the best way possible? Those are the sort of questions professionals have the hands-on experience to answer. They have worked in dozens of different yards, if not hundreds, and have tackled all manner of projects and problems. If you want a great yard design, you want a professional involved – period.

It’s pretty clear: for most people, the benefits of hiring professionals to maintain your lawn and yard greatly outweigh any costs involved.

4 Things Every Business Owner Should Do To Protect Themselves

There is no need to tell you that owning and operating a business can be hard. You’re a business owner, you already know! But smart business owners do more than just work hard. They also take proactive steps to protect themselves from the ups and downs that life is certain to throw at them.

Here are four you can’t do without:

Create A Contingency Plan

It can be astonishing how many business owners fail to do something as simple as planning for the worse. Flying by the seat of your pants is always a bad idea. Smart business owners plan not only for changes in the market and other business concerns, but for what will happen in the case of their death, if a fire burns down the building, if key staff members quit, and so on. Giving some thought to what you’d do in such situations, and outlining them in black and white, is an important part of protecting your business from the uncertainty of the future.

Have Robust Insurance

No one likes paying insurance. It’s one of those expenses that feels like you’re writing checks without actually seeing any benefit from them. The protection good insurance gives you is something you can’t put a price on, though. That’s why it’s best to do more than just get the minimum insurance required by law. Go ahead and spend a few extra bucks to ensure you are fully protected from the worst case scenarios. Contingency plans are an essential part of any business, and insurance is one of the biggest contingency plans of all. Go bigger. Get more. When something bad happens, you will be glad you made that choice.  OIG insurance group is good for water based business such as kayaking or paddle boarding.

Use A Document Shredding Service

Few things are more important for a business to protect than its vital data. That means your employee information, client lists, and more, as well as bank records, cancelled checks, invoices, and more. Using a NJ document shredding service is important to avoid identity theft, corporate espionage (even small businesses spy on their competitors), and other issues. The surprising amount of damage that can be done to your business or employees in the case of a data leak or someone going through your dumpsters is more than enough to justify the minimal cost of a NJ document destruction service.

Have An Attorney

A lot of people think having an attorney means you have someone on speed dial with whom you consult every day. That’s a common but mistaken perception. Having an attorney means nothing more than having an attorney you know and trust who is available to handle your business affairs when needed. It’s someone you can call when you have a question but who otherwise is not involved in your day to day business. It’s someone you can refer people to when necessary or if you have a sudden legal issue. In other words, it’s nothing more than establishing a business relationship with another professional.

State Grants Can Assist With Oil Tank Removal

If you are exploring the idea of using a New Jersey oil tank removal service, it means you’re probably facing an unexpected expense you don’t want to face. It also probably means you have no choice but to address the problem, especially if you’re trying to sell your property. Even if you have no intention of selling and are simply being forced to clean up an old oil tank for other reasons – local ordinances, you are facing fines or other issues – that expense can be a back breaker.

Thankfully, there are grants offered by the State of New Jersey that can assist with the expense.

Via the New Jersey Underground Storage Tank fund program, property owners can get grants to assist homeowners with oil tank remediation. Property owners can’t apply for these grants on their own; they must enlist the services of their chosen New Jersey oil tank removal company to help prepare their application. These firms will assist in getting you all the New Jersey grant money you may be entitled to, given the UST Fund availability. This may take a period of time for sufficient funds to become available, but in the long term the wait will be worth it.

Applying for these grants can be especially important if you are in the market to sell your property. Leaving an old oil tank in the ground is serious business when entering into a real estate deal. It can be a make or break for getting a transaction finalized. For many prospective buyers, the existence of an underground oil tank on a property can throw up red flags. People do not want to invest in a property that they think might have hidden costs, and because many people are under the impression that New Jersey oil tank removal is a costly process, potential buyers may balk.

Thankfully, the application process is simple, especially when your chosen firm is helping you along. Assuming your firm is a New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection certified vendor and that you have a Free Tank Closure Report, both of which are requirements for these grants, you are good to go. Your firm will prepare the application for you, excluding any confidential information. Once completed, you will send your complete package, including your confidential information, to the State for processing.

Keep in mind that the Underground Storage Tank Fund is subject to NJ State review, approval and financial qualifications, and that sufficient money must be available in the fund in order to provide your grant. That can take time. The Department of Environmental Protection is continuing to accept new applications and hold them until sufficient funds become available, but at times there can be a lengthy wait.

The good news is, the fund continues to work. Since Governor Whitman signed the law establishing the Petroleum Underground Storage Tank Remediation, Upgrade and Closure Fund (UST Fund) in 1997, thousands have received financial help when faced with the cost of remediating spills and removing underground tanks.

So don’t sit back and shoulder all the costs on your own. Ask your local New Jersey oil tank removal company about helping you get a grant. You’ll save thousands.

How To Receive, And Keep, Child Support In New Jersey

Parenthood is difficult enough as it is. It is a lifelong commitment that rarely comes with any thanks but does come with a great deal of responsibility. Throw in an absent parent into the mix and life gets even more difficult.

Thankfully, the State of New Jersey provides protection for parents who have been left by their child’s other parents. That protection is called child support. Child support is when the courts mandate that a parent make a financial contribution towards the providing and caring for their child.

Any single parent tasked with raising a child on his or her own has a right to seek child support. Such payments are not guaranteed, however, which makes the services of a child support attorney in NJ useful.

If you think you may need to pursue support payments in order to help raise your child, here are some facts you need to know:

  • Never rely entirely on child support. Do put up the strongest legal fight you can – it’s what is best for your children – but the smart thing to do is to plan your life as if you are not getting child support.
  • Let the lawyers do their job. If you are fighting for child support in New Jersey, follow the advice of your legal counsel and then step back and let them do the job you’re paying them to do. Doing otherwise could put your case in jeopardy.
  • Understand your state’s laws. Child support laws can differ from state to state, so if you are seeking a child support attorney in Toms River, for instance, you will be dealing with New Jersey laws. Therefore, the advice you hear from someone in, say, Ohio may not apply to you.
  • Don’t be afraid to file. If the courts award you child support, you have a legal right to that money. If your spouse is not making payments the way they are supposed to, don’t hesitate to protect your rights.
  • Don’t play games with visitation. Your child’s other parent probably has visitation rights. If that is the case, be sure to abide by the court’s orders when it comes to the issue. Not doing so could reflect poorly on you if you need to go before the court again to request an adjustment to your child support, among other issues.

It is important to remember that this advice is nothing more than a primer on some of the basics. In order to ensure you and your child are properly protected, it is usually best to consult with an attorney who specializes in New Jersey child support.

If you do choose to consult with an attorney, do the smart thing and follow their advice. It’s easy to get caught up in emotions when it comes to a topic as sensitive as this. Try not to fall into that trap.

4 Emergency Problems That Can Ruin Your Fishing Tournament

Fishing tournaments are no small thing. You might picture a bunch of people lined up along a pier with fishing poles, or maybe a small fleet of boats heading out to see to enjoy beer and fishing.

The truth, however, is much grander than that. Real fishing tournaments are major affairs that draws hundreds, sometimes thousands, of serious sports fisherman. Entrance fees can spike to $50,000 just to be involved, and prizes can reach $1 million or more.

It’s serious business with a lot of money at stake.

And that’s why those who participate in these tournaments are serious about boat maintenance and repair. The last thing they want is for an unexpected fuel tank repair or engine failure to pull them out of the tournament. There are no refunds on those $50,000 entrance fee!

Here are some of the emergency repairs that can utterly ruin that fishing tournament – so be ready to address them!

Engine Failure

This catchall category can encompass a dozen different problems, but all of them boil down to the same thing: your engine won’t start or won’t run properly. It goes without saying that this can bring your fishing tournament to a screeching halt, but unless you’re power by sail, no motor means no go, and no go means your weekend is over. The good news is that most fishing tournaments take place near major boat yards, so it might be possible to have repairs done in time to get you back into the tournament.

Saturated Foam

You thought maybe your boat wasn’t quite sitting level in the water, and now you realize you were right. It’s not. One of the culprits may be saturated foam inside the boat’s hull – and if you have this problem, chances are good this tournament is not happening for you. This is a sign of rot, a breach somewhere in the hull or in the cabin, and that the boat has taken on water. It also means the boat is not going to control very well, which isn’t exactly desirable when you’re dozens of miles out to sea and trying to maintain control in big, churning ocean waves. The bad news is, this problem could also signal the end of your boat’s life, as there is no easy or cheap way to repair this.

Leaking Fuel Tank

Having to do an emergency marine fuel tank repair just before a big fishing tournament can do more than put a damper on your weekend, it can take you out of the tournament completely and cost you a ton of money. This isn’t the sort of problem you want to ignore, either, because a leaking fuel tank can cause fume buildup in the bilge – and that can be explosive. Literally.

Hull Breach

A hull breach of any kind, from a minor crack to rot to major damage caused by a collision or submerged debris can be a real headache. It some cases it might be possible to cobble together temporary repairs that will allow you to head out to sea and start catching, but is that really a risk you want to take? When you’re 60 miles off the coast the last thing you want is for a rushed repair to come apart. That’s not just gambling with your placing in the tournament, it’s gambling with your life!