Mastering The Art Of Walking Your Dog

Believe it or not, walking your dog is not simply a matter of putting on the leash and heading out the door. Many dog owners do exactly this, of course, but what often results is a dog that does not reach his or her full potential when it comes to training and obedience.

And if you want your dog to lead the fullest, happiest life he or she can, living up to that potential is exactly what you want for them!

But have no fear. With these simple tips, you will soon be a true expert in dog walking, just like a top dog trainer or dog boarding NJ trainer.

  1. Use A Short Leash

You might think a long leach would be preferred, allowing your dog to roam and investigate and take a hand in guiding where they will go, but the opposite is true. A shorter leach will give you greater control over the dog walk – and this is important in ensuring your dog sees you as his or her master. Even more importantly, this allows you to watch for your dog’s safety, keeping them out of places they shouldn’t go, preventing them from dashing into the road, or simply from getting their nose in a sticker bush!

  1. Mount The Leash High

Attaching the leash at the top of your dog’s neck will make it far easier for you to communicate with and guide your dog as you walk them, as well as to correct them when they go astray.

  1. Walk In Front Of Your Dog

Take a look at most people walking their dog and what do you see? The dog leading the way. What those people don’t realize is that that sends the message that the dog is in control of the walk, not the master. By making sure you’re in the lead – first out the door, first in the door – you also send the message that you are the pack leader. Ask any dog boarding NJ expert and they’ll tell you that sending that message is very important if you want an obedient dog!

  1. Make enough time for the walk

If you only have a few moments to dash out and then dash back in, you are probably not setting aside enough time for a good, healthy walk. Depending on your dog, anywhere from thirty minutes to an hour may be ideal. This exercise is an important part of their health! Getting out for a walk is not merely about allowing your dog to relieve him or herself, it’s also about getting outside and getting much needed activity. Those walks can really help make your dog healthy and happy.

  1. Reward Your Dog After The Walk

If your dog was well behaved, a reward may be in order. It is often a good idea to make meal time come right after walk time. This reinforces the idea that your dog has worked for their meal and really earned it, which in turn reinforces the idea that you are the pack leader. If you want an obedient dog, being the pack leader is the most important thing you can do!

4 Easy Steps To A Great Beach Vacation In NJ

There are few vacation spots that manage to combine convenience, price and atmosphere as well as New Jersey’s shore communities. They are more easily accessible to the entire northeast than any other coastal region. Jersey Shore towns tend to be far more affordable than other popular coastal retreats. And when it comes to capturing the kind of coastal lifestyle that so many find alluring, few regions have been doing it longer (and better) as the NJ shore communities have.

But how do you find the best ones? How do you settle on a place to stay? How do you make the most out of your hunt for a perfect family vacation, romantic getaway, or weekend away with friends?

It’s easy. And we’re going to show you how.

1) Scope Out Your Destination Towns

There are a lot of great communities along the NJ coast. Selecting which is right for you depends on what you’re looking for. Want a quiet getaway in an historic town? Trying staying in Cape May or Spring Lake, or booking a hotel in Long Beach Island. If you are looking for a family getaway, Wildwood, Ocean City and Point Pleasant are good options. If you want a great nightlife, Seaside Heights, Belmar and Asbury Park are the places to be. Just interested in sunning yourself? Try Lavallette or Long Beach Island.

2) Check For Attractions And Amenities

Before booking your LBI hotel, Seaside Heights condo, or other accommodations, check the maps and tourism guides to see what else is nearby. This will give you a sense for what you might end up doing all week (aside from catching some sun). Some towns boast aquariums. Others rides and attractions. Some are fairly reasonable drives away from theme parks. Others are near historic wine vineyards. Still others have easy access to fantastic nature trails, hiking, and biking. Throw in music venues, clubs, and more, and you can fill your itinerary pretty quickly.

3) Explore Options For Accommodations

If you’re staying at the Jersey shore, good news: you will have a lot of options available to you. There are homes for rent, condos, hotels and motels, roadside inns, bed and breakfasts, and more. You name it, you’ll find it. If booking a hotel in LBI, for example, you’ll find many options available to you. All you need to do is decide what sort of experience you want. Renting a house or bungalow is ideal for families, as you will have a lot of room and will have plenty of distance from your neighbors. A beachfront condo or hotel will give you easy access to the sun and sand. Motels make traveling to area attractions easier. Inns and bed and breakfasts give you a stronger sense of having gotten away and make you feel closer to the place you’re staying. Think about your wants and choose wisely!

4) Take Your Trip!

All that’s left is to hop in the car and go enjoy the sun! So go ahead, book your trip, and enjoy all that vacationing at the shore has to offer.

4 Emergency Problems That Can Ruin Your Fishing Tournament

Fishing tournaments are no small thing. You might picture a bunch of people lined up along a pier with fishing poles, or maybe a small fleet of boats heading out to see to enjoy beer and fishing.

The truth, however, is much grander than that. Real fishing tournaments are major affairs that draws hundreds, sometimes thousands, of serious sports fisherman. Entrance fees can spike to $50,000 just to be involved, and prizes can reach $1 million or more.

It’s serious business with a lot of money at stake.

And that’s why those who participate in these tournaments are serious about boat maintenance and repair. The last thing they want is for an unexpected fuel tank repair or engine failure to pull them out of the tournament. There are no refunds on those $50,000 entrance fee!

Here are some of the emergency repairs that can utterly ruin that fishing tournament – so be ready to address them!

Engine Failure

This catchall category can encompass a dozen different problems, but all of them boil down to the same thing: your engine won’t start or won’t run properly. It goes without saying that this can bring your fishing tournament to a screeching halt, but unless you’re power by sail, no motor means no go, and no go means your weekend is over. The good news is that most fishing tournaments take place near major boat yards, so it might be possible to have repairs done in time to get you back into the tournament.

Saturated Foam

You thought maybe your boat wasn’t quite sitting level in the water, and now you realize you were right. It’s not. One of the culprits may be saturated foam inside the boat’s hull – and if you have this problem, chances are good this tournament is not happening for you. This is a sign of rot, a breach somewhere in the hull or in the cabin, and that the boat has taken on water. It also means the boat is not going to control very well, which isn’t exactly desirable when you’re dozens of miles out to sea and trying to maintain control in big, churning ocean waves. The bad news is, this problem could also signal the end of your boat’s life, as there is no easy or cheap way to repair this.

Leaking Fuel Tank

Having to do an emergency marine fuel tank repair just before a big fishing tournament can do more than put a damper on your weekend, it can take you out of the tournament completely and cost you a ton of money. This isn’t the sort of problem you want to ignore, either, because a leaking fuel tank can cause fume buildup in the bilge – and that can be explosive. Literally.

Hull Breach

A hull breach of any kind, from a minor crack to rot to major damage caused by a collision or submerged debris can be a real headache. It some cases it might be possible to cobble together temporary repairs that will allow you to head out to sea and start catching, but is that really a risk you want to take? When you’re 60 miles off the coast the last thing you want is for a rushed repair to come apart. That’s not just gambling with your placing in the tournament, it’s gambling with your life!