Seaside Park rental open blue franed front door with 4 inset horizontal windows

Seaside Park Rental Updates You Should Make Today

For every owner of a Seaside Park rental, balancing spending money with making money is a constant battle. However, as is the case in many businesses, in the world of vacation rentals, sometimes you have to spend money to make money. Especially in the case of a real estate market like Seaside Park, competition is fierce. Every chance a rental property owner has to improve their rental should be taken. Each item could be the one thing that makes a potential renter choose your property over others and that is how rentals make a return on investment. Enticing as many vacationers as possible is the goal of every rental owner and sometimes upgrading is how to do it.

Freshen Up Everything in Your Seaside Park Rental

Nobody likes a dirty house. People especially don’t like a dingy vacation rental. One way to freshen up your rental is to give the interior a new coat of paint. Washing the walls and applying a clean coat of paint goes a long way towards brightening up the interior of a home. Keep the colors light and neutral so your Seaside Park rental is enticing to as many renters as possible. It is also a good idea to clean up the exterior. Power wash siding or repaint the outside of a house where applicable to also attract the most views.

In addition to walls, address doors too. Whether this be a new front door, new cabinet doors, or new interior doors, all doors make an impact so make it a good one. New cabinet doors can update a kitchen quickly and very cost effectively. Doors of all kinds can take a beating and get damaged easily. Removing even slight dings in a door upgrades a home.

Flooring is another item that can make a big effect on a potential renter’s thoughts about a home. Certain floors can make a home look very dated and others are not meant to withstand the wear and tear of a rental and should be replaced. Whereas kicked doors can reduce the appearance of a room, worn floors make a home look old and forlorn.

No matter what it is, clean and new is always better when it comes to your Seaside Park rental.

Think Outside the Box

Seaside Park rental home sauna

One problem with a congested real estate market like Seaside Park is that all the homes begin to look very similar. One way to stand out from the crowd is to have amenities and extras that other homes don’t. This can be something small like offering beach badges, leaving access to bikes, or having an upgraded outdoor shower. Outside of a pool, a hot tub or an at-home sauna are big draws for shore rentals. For those owners with a larger budget and a larger home, consider installing an elevator. It is these types of conveniences and luxury additions that not only boost your rental numbers, but also gives owners the chance to raise their fees. There is a finite number of days a home can be rented. The only way to make more money from a rental is by increasing the rent.

Make Your Seaside Park Rental Smart

One of the worst things about staying in a home is trying to figure out how everything works. You often burn your first meal trying to figure out the oven. It can take hours to figure out to watch TV and be able to hear it too. It seems that every oven operates differently, every washing machine has its own set of cycles, and every TV has seven remotes. If you own a Seaside Park rental, you can remove all this anxiety for your guests by transitioning to smart home devices. This can be a deal maker for some renters. Many people are seeking out homes that have smart appliances and amenities due to the ease of use. Smart thermostats, smart door locks, smart door security, and smart tv controls all go a long way towards providing comfort for guests. This, in effect, appeals to more renters.

Seaside Park rental open blue framed front door with 4 in-set horizontal windows

New Year, New Seaside Park Rental

Ring in the new year with updating your rental. After you make all the appropriate updates, check out this article on how to make your Seaside Park rental stand-out even more. Sometimes it is what is said and how you say it that attracts people to your rental so be sure to get the assistance of a professional Seaside Park real estate agent for the best listing possible.

Seaside Park Rental – Making Your Rental Stand Out

Any rental property owner knows how important their listing can be.  In a flooded market like the one in Seaside Park, doing one thing right or wrong can make or break your chances at getting booked.  There are so many homes to rent, it can be hard to get your home to stand out from the crowd. Potential renters only spend an average of 3 seconds looking at a listing.  This means you have 3 seconds to sell them on your rental over any other.  Experienced, local real estate agents have great tips and ideas on how to improve your Seaside Park rental listing.  They know what people want and therefore understand how best to market your rental property.

Be Direct and Specific

Starting with the title for your listing, give people the most pertinent information.  Things like price, number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms, location, and your top amenity are great things to include.  Most vacationers are looking for a certain number of bedrooms. Therefore, advertising how many your home has up front will put your listing in front of the right audience.  For others, location may be more important.

Put your biggest and best features up front.  Depending on your location, this may be ocean views, driveway parking, short walk to arcades, or fenced in backyard.  Knowing what niche your home fits into can help you title and write your listing so it is seen by your target demographic.  For example, if your home is in a quieter part of town, you don’t want to attract a party crowd or large groups to your home.  On the other hand, if your home is close to the boardwalk and arcades, you’ll want to target your home to families and those traveling with children.

Pictures Matter

A picture says a 1,000 words. Make sure they are the right ones!

One of the easiest and best ways to improve your Seaside Park rental listing is to have clear, professional quality photos.  Listings with pictures that are blurry, dark, or nondescript are going to lose the attention of someone very quickly.  Low quality photos may equate to a low-quality home in someone’s mind. Even if your home is beautiful in real life, no one will have the chance to see it if you do not attract people to it. Having a professional photographer take the pictures is a great idea. It is normally a one-time investment and is well worth the money.

Treat Your Seaside Park Rental Like it’s a Hotel

Consider what you enjoy when you go on vacation. Is it things like the relief of doing everyday chores, being away from home, and relaxation?  Even people that are renting homes are still going on vacation and want to feel like it.  Making your rental as convenient as possible for renters is a huge draw.  Things like having a cleaning service after check-out rather than having that responsibility fall on the renters is one such thing.  In addition, providing bikes, beach badges, or other bonus amenities can help your home stand out from the others.  Standard items like washer and dryer, dishwasher, and air conditioning are all things that can draw people to your listing over those that don’t have them.

Each and Every Amenity and Upgrade Adds Value

Seaside Park rental beach cruiser bikes in teal and pale yellow with baskets parked on boardwalk
If you offer extra items, be sure to point them out

The more you can provide not only makes your home a bit different, it also makes your rental more valuable.  This means you can charge more for rent that homes that don’t offer as many conveniences. Most amenities are going to be a one-time fee for you, but offer continued revenue with each renter.

Upgrades are very similar in that you pay for them once and they offer a consistent return on your investment.  Think of things that if you upgrade, makes someone’s stay more convenient.  For example, installing smart features like lights, alarms, locks, and electronics in your home makes it not only easier for your renters, but for you as well.  In many circumstances, it is true that more expensive is equal to more durable.  Anytime you can upgrade an item to make it more resistant to damage is beneficial.  Items in rental properties typically get more use and are more prone to breakage than those in you full-time home.

Seaside Park Rental Details are Important

When writing your listing, it is just as important to know what to leave out as what to include. One thing to avoid is making your listing look like an advertisement.  Avoid using all capital letters, exclamation points, and ambiguous descriptions.  It is important to be specific, truthful and only give as much information as is necessary. You only need to get someone interested in your home.  Point out your biggest assets, give accurate rates, and specify any requirements or things that are absolutely not allowed on your property.

If you need help writing your listing, check in with your realtor for some ideas.  They have not only written a ton of listing details, but have seen exponentially more and know what works and what doesn’t for your Seaside Park rental.

5 Great Reasons to Live at the Jersey Shore

action shot of seadoo with great waterspray
A Wave Runner at the Jersey Shore

Don’t the show of the same name fool you. The Jersey Shore is a terrific place to live. This is especially true in Monmouth County, where there are a wealth of benefits that will quickly have you living the good life. Don’t believe us? Just take a look at these five great reasons to live at the shore:

1) Watersports

For those who like their life to be on the exciting side, the Jersey coast offers some of the best areas for jet skiing, water skiing, surfing, and much more. Whether you already own equipment or just want to rent it, shops and rentals places are so numerous you’ll be tripping over them. Even better, the waters here are made for activities like this. Our bays, waterways and oceans are perfect for waverunners, paddle boarding, and much more.

2) Boating and Fishing

fisherman fishing from the boat
A Fisherman at the Shore

New Jersey has some of the best boating and fishing on the East Coast. Whether you like relaxing on a bay and enjoying the sun with friends, or like to take a boat out on the Atlantic and engage in some serious fishing, the opportunities to both are endless here. The Garden State has a thriving fishing and boating community that dates back hundreds of years, with a wealth of fishing clubs, charter boats, yacht clubs, and much more available. If you live someplace like Renaissance on The Ocean, it’s easy to access this great aspect of the shore.

3) Beautiful Beaches

There is a reason why so many people come to the Jersey Shore each summer: because it’s beautiful! No matter the type of experience you want, New Jersey offers it. We have quaint, quiet communities with relaxing beaches, party towns with thriving nightclub scenes, towns that specialize in historic inns and bed and breakfasts, fishing towns, communities geared towards families, towns that focus on boardwalks and amusements, and much more. New Jersey beaches in Long Branch, Asbury Park and elsewhere are the place to be!

4) The Outdoors

In addition to watersports, beaches and more, the Jersey coast has something a lot of people don’t realize: some gorgeous state and federal parks featuring pristine coastland. These preserves boast great hiking trails, lush dunes, and abundant wildlife. You can see a side of New Jersey you never imagined, and it won’t be far from your condo at Renaissance on The Ocean!

5) Easy Access To NYC and Philly

Being at the Jersey Shore doesn’t mean you always have to STAY at the Jersey Shore. Thanks to 195 and the Parkway, access to New York City and Philadelphia is incredibly easy, making day trips into the city a breeze. Even Baltimore is an easy three-hour drive away, a perfect way to catch Phillies, Yankees and Mets games without having to deal with the home town crowds. It’s just one more thing that makes living at the shore so desirable!

With these things in mind, it’s hard to ignore how great the Jersey Shore can be!