NJ ITM Company Provides Financial Institutions with Countless Benefits

NJ ITM company helps keep machines like the ones shown in a group of 3 with the middle one being used by an extended arm with a circular graphic superimposed over it

Today more than ever, we are looking to technology to help us do just about everything. From shopping to medical care and everything in between, technology is becoming more and more prevalent in our daily lives. One industry that has seen a huge shift towards contactless business is the financial sector. Where ATMs once ruled the scene, ITMs have taken their place. An Interactive Teller Machine, or ITM, allows banks to keep clients and employees safe while providing the same services. Technology has never been so important to us. Plus, there are many more advantages to adding ITMs to your fintech fleet. Let’s find out what other great advantages a NJ ITM company can provide to financial institutions of all sizes.

What Can an ITM Do?

The easy answer is just about anything. Anything a teller can do, an ITM can do. This is because they are run by tellers. The only difference is that clients communicate via video conference versus standing face to face. It is just as secure as if you were standing in the lobby speaking with an employee.  Many people fear that this technology removes the human connection because they assume they will be talking to a computer or artificial intelligence. On the contrary, the teller that the customer completes their transaction with will be a real person. Not only that, but it will be an employee of the bank that that customer already knows and trusts. Need to make a deposit? An ITM can do that. Have to exchange bills for your small business? An ITM can do that too. As well as balance inquiries, loan payments, and so much more.

NJ ITM Companies Perform Branch Transformations

The goal of a branch transformation is to keep the bank relevant and up-to-date in client’s eyes. Because we rely so heavily on technology on all other aspects of our lives, we want it everywhere. This includes in our banks. People lead such hectic, crazy lives that no one has time to wait in long lobby lines every time they visit the bank. They want convenience, speed, and security. Welcome the ITM. Adding just one can help reinvigorate a stale branch. Any chance a branch has to better meet the needs of their clients, they should take it. Improved customer satisfaction is a huge part of deciding to move forward with a branch transformation by a NJ ITM company like RMC ATM Solutions. With their ability to know what fintech will help each branch best, this NJ ITM company is one of the best.

NJ ITM Company can Customize It

Just like ATMs, ITMs are available in a variety of installment options. Some branches may benefit from a bank of interior walk-up machines. Alternatively, some branches do not have a lobby and therefore would rely solely on the drive-through options. Along with in-the-wall variations, every branch can find an ITM that works for them. And on each one will be the smiling face of one of their employees ready to help the next client efficiently and effectively. Plus, the best ITM companies can provide product labels, stickers, and wraps to productively market your brand 24-7. For both interior and outdoor equipment, adding the banks name and logo increases brand awareness in the community. This leads to heightened recognition and awareness that this bank is contemporary and is well equipped to help their customers.

Excellent ITM Service is Necessary for Success

Any person who relies on technology for any part of their personal or business life knows that it only helps when it works.  The same is obviously true for fintech. An ITM can only provide all these benefits when it works. The number of unhappy clients grows with each passing minute that a machine is out of order. While good word of mouth is the best marketing, negative talk is the most detrimental. People trust their friends and families experiences and recommendations. One client talking to a few friends about how this particular branch constantly has machines that are broken is massively harmful to the company image.  This is why choosing the right NJ ITM company is so important. Only by providing great service and remote monitoring can ITMs really provide all the advantages they are meant to.

NJ ITM Company Works for Banks

Partnering with the best NJ ITM company is one of the best business decisions a bank can make. With all the benefits that ITMs provide it is hard to imagine a bank not wanting to add this advanced fintech to their fleet. However, it should be cautioned that the completion of the sale should not be the completion of the business relationship. Deciding which machines are going to benefit a bank is just the beginning. Fostering a trustworthy working partnership is essential to a branch’s success. An ITM can only help when it works. A NJ ITM company should not only supply the machine, but the service and support as well.

Toms River Web Design Explained

Toms River web design; HTML code show along with zeros and ones in colorful graphic

On the surface, Toms River web design seems simple enough.  When a website is designed correctly, it seems seamless, informative, easy-to-use, and unassuming.  However, nothing could be further from the truth. With the rise in popularity of websites that offer business owners templates to build their websites, the real benefits of having a website can easily be missed.  Simply plugging in some content, adding some photos, and a contact page just isn’t enough these days.   There is a lot that should go into the designing and building of your website.  If you are not working with an experienced and creative Toms River web design firm like D-Fi Productions, your website could be missing many key elements.


The function and design of websites has changed tremendously since the internet’s inception.  It is no longer enough ignore the importance of menu placement, page navigation, and function.  A widely known saying is that you only get one chance to make a first impression.  This is true of websites also.  Imagine you are a potential new customer visiting your business’ website for the first time.  If they arrive on a busy, hard to read page, they will move along.  Additionally, if the first thing they see is a website that looks like it was designed in 1995, it doesn’t give new clients a great impression of your company.  It is a delicate balance that is needed in order to design a usable, enjoyable, purpose-driven website.

Navigation and Menus

Some people may not realize how much thought goes into the layout of a web page and its navigation.  There have been many studies done to determine the best layout for a website based on how people scan a screen online.  This is based on how people tend to read information, where our eyes go to on a page first, and what makes the most sense visually.  It is not only visual aesthetics that matter though.  It has been shown that people tend to look at certain areas of the screen for the search bar.  If you put it in an uncommon spot and it is not readily recognizable, the clients experience could quickly turn into a negative one simply due to frustration. It is essential to work with someone who recognizes  


One of the first things a Toms River web designer thins about before delving into any design aspects is what the main purpose of the website will be.  Do you need a simple site to relay information to potential clients?  Does your company offer online support and you need a client portal?  Or do you own a store and need to set-up an online shopping platform?  The priority of a website needs to be clearly presented and recognizable to anyone visiting.

Actual Design Aesthetics

Once the intent of the website is determined, the design can be tackled.  Although it may look like template websites offer an array of designs and styles, it is actually very limited.  Not only could you end up with a website that you are unhappy with visually, a website for some other company could look exactly like yours.  Other than purpose, individuality and uniqueness is a super import aspect of Toms River web design.  The only way to truly get a one-o-kind website is to work with a creative, talented web designer. 

Design aesthetic conversations should include topics such as color, examples of websites that you like personally, and what type of look you would like your website to have.  Do you prefer a modern look with simple designs and clean lines?  Or do you like the look of a website that pops off the page with a high contrast design?  Before you have this conversation with your designer, visit a variety of websites to get an idea of what you want and what you do not want for your site.


The layout of your website and each page matters.  It’s not as simple as dropping a bunch of content onto a page.  It may not seem like it, but a lot of thought goes into what goes where on a website and on each individual web page.  A professional that handles Toms River web design all the time will know the right proportions, placement, and properties to apply to each section to optimize the visitors experience. 

Toms River Web Design isn’t as Easy as it Seems

All those sites that offer templates to build a website make it seem like building a website is easy.  It is. If you want a generic, boring, slow, non-optimized website.  However, if, on the other hand, you want your website to be the true face of your business, it’s best to work alongside a Toms River web design firm.  We found one based right in Waretown, NJ. D-Fi Productions. One look at their portfolio shows their diversity, adaptability, and experience.  If you are looking to build a website for your business, don’t be fooled by the sites who say it’s so easy, anyone can do it.  Anyone CAN do it.  Anyone.  Can be doing the same thing as you.  Who wants to blend in when you can stand out?  Advocate for your business and build a website with a company who is experienced in Toms River web design.

The 5 Best Locations for Your Home Security Cameras

It goes without saying that you want to protect yourself and your family from harm. It also goes without saying that you want to protect your hard-earned property from thieves, too. So how do you go about doing it?

With affordable home security cameras. That much is obvious. So now the question is, where do you place them to get the most out of your investment? Here are five key locations you should consider:

1) Front Door

Studies show that an estimated 34 percent of break ins happen right at the front door, so covering this all-important spot is never a bad idea. If possible, place it at the second floor level to prevent thieves from being able to disable the camera. If it’s visible, that’s fine, as it could serve as a deterrent. If you keep it visible, consider protecting it with wire mesh.

2) Back Door

It may be surprising that the back door is less frequently a target for burglary than the front door, but it’s true. The back door ends up being the entry point of a break in 22 percent of the time. That still accounts for a quarter of all break ins, however, which means it’s a good place to cover with a security camera. As always, try to keep your IP cameras NJ out of reach so they can’t be tampered with. Also consider an all weather camera to protect it year round.

3) Off- Street Windows

If you live at street level and have windows that are not on the street – perhaps an alley or back windows – this is a place you may need added protection, especially in a busy urban environment. Off-street windows are locations where burglars feel they can work out of sight and away from prying eyes. It should go without saying, then, that these are areas you’ll want to cover to give yourself added protection from break ins. The same rules for IP cameras NJ outlined above apply.

4) Backyard or Side Gate

Entrances to your back yard or side yard are also entrances to the kind of secure, private locations that criminals love to scope out and use when they are considering which homes to break into. They also love back yards because they may contain expensive items that don’t even require a break in, like high end yard tools, toys, and so on. Consider using a motion-sensitive light here to ward people off. If need be, add IP cameras NJ.

5) Basement Stairs

Here’s another prime spot for break ins and a place where you can be victimized if you’re not careful. The basement is a great way into your house and may itself contain valuables. This is another good area to cover with motion sensitive lighting. One flash of light and most criminals will give up. If they don’t, a little camera coverage here can go a long way.

This Computer And Internet Trivia Will Blow Your Mind

toms river virus removal mind blowingRight now, you’re on the Internet, a vast web of interconnected computers sharing information and data, and allowing billions (yes billions) of people to communicate with one another all across the globe.

It’s an amazing time to be alive.

It’s even more amazing when you take into consideration this mind-blowing computer and Internet trivia:

  • Every month, an insane 6,000 new computer viruses are released out into the wild. Most will be nothing more than pesky problems, but some will cause real damage. That’s why people seek out virus removal in Toms River NJ!
  • The average human being blinks 20 times a minute. That changes when they are in front of a computer, though. Then the blinking rate drops to just 7 times per minute.
  • “Computers,” or devices that output calculations based on user input, are actually quite ancient. The first modern computer, i.e. an electronic computer, was invented in 1939.
  • If you think there are a lot of things that can connect to the Internet, you’re right. As of 2012, a whopping 12 billion devices connected to the Internet. It has only grown since then, with TVs, refrigerators, and more now having Internet connect ability.
  • Of all the billions of web pages out there, you might now be surprised to learn that 1 out of 6 of them are porn related. Be careful, pages like that will lead you to needing a Toms River NJ virus removal service!
  • Websites continue to proliferate like rabbits. Over 1 million new domain names are registered each and every month! One wonders when they’ll run out of names.
  • Boasting an astounding 1.3 billion users – yes, billion with a B – Facebook would actually be the largest country in the world, tied with China and just ahead of India.
  • The video cards that help your favorite video games look great are as complex as your computer itself is. Just one video card can have up to 222 million transistors!
  • Of all the viruses that end up proliferating online, upwards of 20 percent of them are released by organized crime groups. Surprised? The reason is that many of these viruses are intended to hijack your computer so you can be assaulted with advertisements or have your browser redirected to selected sites. In other words, there is a lot of money in making computer viruses! Time to call a virus removal in Toms River NJ guy!
  • There is a lot of money in the world – on paper, at least. It turns out that only 8% of the world’s currency is actual physical money. The rest of it exists only in computers.

And here you thought your home computer was just a box of wires and circuits that helped you to go on Facebook and check on your sister-in-law’s photos. Think again! Your modest little machine is part of an amazing world of technology that has made science fiction a reality!

4 Things Every Business Owner Should Do To Protect Themselves

There is no need to tell you that owning and operating a business can be hard. You’re a business owner, you already know! But smart business owners do more than just work hard. They also take proactive steps to protect themselves from the ups and downs that life is certain to throw at them.

Here are four you can’t do without:

Create A Contingency Plan

It can be astonishing how many business owners fail to do something as simple as planning for the worse. Flying by the seat of your pants is always a bad idea. Smart business owners plan not only for changes in the market and other business concerns, but for what will happen in the case of their death, if a fire burns down the building, if key staff members quit, and so on. Giving some thought to what you’d do in such situations, and outlining them in black and white, is an important part of protecting your business from the uncertainty of the future.

Have Robust Insurance

No one likes paying insurance. It’s one of those expenses that feels like you’re writing checks without actually seeing any benefit from them. The protection good insurance gives you is something you can’t put a price on, though. That’s why it’s best to do more than just get the minimum insurance required by law. Go ahead and spend a few extra bucks to ensure you are fully protected from the worst case scenarios. Contingency plans are an essential part of any business, and insurance is one of the biggest contingency plans of all. Go bigger. Get more. When something bad happens, you will be glad you made that choice.  OIG insurance group is good for water based business such as kayaking or paddle boarding.

Use A Document Shredding Service

Few things are more important for a business to protect than its vital data. That means your employee information, client lists, and more, as well as bank records, cancelled checks, invoices, and more. Using a NJ document shredding service is important to avoid identity theft, corporate espionage (even small businesses spy on their competitors), and other issues. The surprising amount of damage that can be done to your business or employees in the case of a data leak or someone going through your dumpsters is more than enough to justify the minimal cost of a NJ document destruction service.

Have An Attorney

A lot of people think having an attorney means you have someone on speed dial with whom you consult every day. That’s a common but mistaken perception. Having an attorney means nothing more than having an attorney you know and trust who is available to handle your business affairs when needed. It’s someone you can call when you have a question but who otherwise is not involved in your day to day business. It’s someone you can refer people to when necessary or if you have a sudden legal issue. In other words, it’s nothing more than establishing a business relationship with another professional.